For Property Developers

new building

Involve XEL from design forming stage for flexible and functional design that can meet fire safety requirements. We will work with your design team to provide you options, and coordinate with building certifiers and the fire authority to meet your project schedule. After completion of the fire engineering report, our continuous involvement in design review and construction monitoring minimizes costly rework and/or impeding of approval due to incorrect interpretation of the alternative solutions.

For Consulting Engineers

Subcontract XEL and include fire engineering in your offering of an integrated service package. Counter balancing the advantage of your full service competitors that have in-house fire safety engineers, you can outsource our services when and only when you need it.

Existing building

For Facility Managers

Confused by what happened in the past and have limited budget to rectify non-compliances? Don’t know what need to be ticked for alterations? We will take off the pain of dealing with the legacy and help you to develop a practical solution.


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